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Wooden Desk Organizer - designed for Polina Bright

Wooden Desk Organizer - designed for Polina Bright

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Polina Bright:

"This design was dictated by my day-to-day needs as an artist. It was specifically designed to my request.

It was very important to me for a brush stand to have a small footprint, but I needed one that would let me quickly see the brush I want to use next.

It's my desk's MUST HAVE! Because the neat, slim and comfortable design of this stand allows me to stay focused on what's really important - my paintings."

This stand is a handmade item. Only natural material is used: either pine or American oak wood. Therefore each piece will have different texture.

Each stand has a smooth finish, and is oiled to save it from the occasional water spill.

The dimensions are:
Length: ~ 24 cm (9.45")
Width: ~ 4.5 cm (1.77")
Height: ~ 9 cm (3.45")
(please note that the dimensions may vary slightly, within 5mm)

Hole sizes:
6 x 20mm
1 x 30mm

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