Some of the tools I use for droplet art.

Some of the tools I use for droplet art. - Polina Bright

In this post I'll share with you the materials and some techniques I've used to make this piece of art.  



2.Round brush - a simple round brush of any brand will work

3.Thick watercolour paper. It`s a crucial thing for these types of work. You will need the paper to be at least 300 gsm watercolour paper. This way, when you put water on the paper it doesn't warp.

4. Watercolour ink or liquid watercolour 

Some tips:

1. Draw a water pattern on the piece of thick watercolour paper using round brush. Make sure there is enough water in the pattern you've drawn so that it does not dry. 

2. Choose the colours for your pattern and fill the pipettes with these colours. If you have  only one pipette, you can put the colors one by one. 

3. Make little drops of paint on the drawn pattern and see how amazingly it spreads over the pattern.

3. Let the pattern dry, or dry it with the hair dryer. And thats it! ) 

Thank you! 

And this is how it looks:

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