The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden - Polina Bright

I can’t believe that we have went past this place so many times without stopping here. So, today we decided to come here and I absolutely fell in love with this place: The Blue Mountains Botanic Garden

Below are some photos I took during today's trip, I hope you'll enjoy these and find them inspirational :)


A lot of hydrangeas here! I'm in love! 😍


I'm definitely drawing these! Be sure to follow me on my instagram to see what comes out!

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  • hi am jeffrey all the way from Africa a peaceful and loving country I love your works polina ever since I got to see your art piece on your page I felt very happy n secured too artist too would love to meet u one day n take a picture with you lots of love

    jeffrey on
  • Hello I love your work so much…
    I am currently in year 12 and my focus is flowers and there spiritual connections. I was wondering do you think of the spiritual meaning of the flowers you use within your artwork?

    Rose on
  • Hi Poli,
    What is that watercolour technique/style that you use called? I would like to learn your style. Can you please let me know where I can learn those (can you provide some learning resource links)? It would also be really great if you could write a blog post about it. 💕
    - Your huge fan.

    Kavya on
  • Love your photos!!! I especially loved the navy blue hydrangea 😍 Where are the Blue Mountains by the way?

    Ruth on
  • Hello!
    I absolutely love your work, and I’ve wanted to start watercoloring for some time now. I’m so happy I found your page because you seem like an artist that’s very involved with her followers. I was hoping you could answer a few of my questions. What sort of paper do you use ? Where do you get your brushes and your paint from ? Although I live in the states, I’m sure I can find the same if not similar products.
    -thank you !

    Lauren on

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