About Polina Bright

Polina Bright is a watercolor artist from Sydney, Australia.

Polina Bright

Drawing has been a passion of Polina's for a big part of her life. That is why, one day Polina decided to create Polina Bright Art to share her creations with the world. Flowers and Animals are her main sources of inspiration.

Polina is a strong believer that there's an unconditional bond between a Woman and Nature.

Love, Beauty, Strength, Power and many others traits are shared between a Woman's inner world and wildlife. With her latest works Polina wants to illustrate, amplify and bring to surface these traits of a woman's character. Polina draws flowers, wild cats, wild birds as an inseparable part of a Woman. 


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    Also, check out Polina's YouTube channel: PolinaBrightArt where she shares her drawing techniques, tips and process videos. 

    Commission work

    Polina is also available for commission work. Feel free to email: