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About me

Hi there.

My name is Polina Bright and I am a watercolor artist from Sydney, Australia.

Hey, Hey, That`s me - Polina Bright

(Hey, Hey, That`s me!)

I am the artist, illustrator and a just funny smiling girl behind

Drawing has been a passion of mine for a big part of my life. So, one day I've decided to create Polina Bright Art to share my drawings, paintings and prints with the others. Nature and kids are my main sources of inspiration.

I want everyone to have something unique and unusual in their interiors. And of a best quality too. Thats why I’m proud to make my prints at a professional printing lab, with the highest quality watercolour paper and archival inks we can get, while also trying to keep it as affordable as possible for everyone. 


    Follow me on Instagram: Poli.Bright.Art

    Also, check out my YouTube channel: PolinaBrightArt I'm trying to share different drawing techniques when I have a spare minute.


    Commission work

    I am also available for commission work. Feel free to drop me a line, and I'll see if I can help you. Please contact me via email: