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Super happy for this find on Instagram. I love these brushes! I bought the 0&2. They hold a lot of water but are “bouncy” at the same time and you have more “control” (or as much as you can with watercolors 🙃). The point is perfect for fine details. So worthy!!!

Taylor Baker

BST PBRUSH EVR! I bought this after months and months of drooling over the idea of it on Pinterest, and boy was those fantasy accurate! This paintbrush is super nice, with strong,non-fringe/fussy bristles. the bristles themselves are really nice and keep their shape. when you dip it in water, it is the most perfect point that is super good for details. [...] it is really nice to hold, and the hand itself is really nice and has these little natural shimmer qualities in the wood. [...] lemme tell u this brush is awesome for blending!

Joshua A.

I was feeling like I was in a rut with my painting and thought I would get a new brush. I love this brush and it has brought some new creativity to my strokes. Great quality.


Great brushes to spread and express watercolor pigments. You cannot go wrong with these brushes !

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